Representatives of our staff have a detailed discussion with the client for a complete update on their requirement. They even visit them at their office for an in depth understanding of the nature of the job. This facilitates a good working relationship with the client.


Our executive team scans the data bank for procuring the details of the candidate. After scrutinizing the resumes, and conducting a thorough background check, a shortlist is created for an initial interview. To avoid any mismatching, we carry out a detailed analysis of the job specification and the employee qualification.


Our professional experts take on the full responsibility of providing the best work force. The final selection of our choice is presented before the client for approval. The client’s wish for their personal involvement in the selection is met with due respect. The interviews conducted by the client’s team can be done at the office of Middle East Management Services, in Mumbai. To enable a smooth transaction process, we also make provisions for holding of interviews at venues convenient to the client.


Accurate information of the employed candidate is an unquestioned right of the client. As an ethical obligation on the part of the recruiting agency, MEMS pre-employment system provides reports on all vital aspects of the candidate’s personal background. These are verified through reference checks with past employers and immediate superiors.


A healthy body ensures a healthy mind. Our services provide for medical tests to all candidates who are ready for travel. Health and fitness of the selected employees is verified by a thorough medical examination conducted at reputed hospitals, accredited by the department of Labour and the respective embassies. These medical centers are recommended by GAMCA (GCC Approved Medical Centre’s Association). Examination includes a compulsory HIV/AIDS test, blood test, chest x-ray, urine and stool test, vision test, hearing, besides other tests requested by the client.


Only medically certified fit candidate are processed further for visa stamping or visa endorsement. We segregate ECR and ECNR passport based on which visa stamping/endorsement, emigration process and other required procedures are done.


Our penchant for detail has the staff going through all pre-departure formalities personally. All travel documents, immigration details and air tickets are confirmed, so that the worker is not stressed before assuming his new responsibilities.


At this crucial juncture, we provide counseling services and assistance at airport. An orientation program for the recruits forms a unique and crucial part of our package of excellent service. We provide all information of the social and cultural aspects of the country of travel. They are familiarized with details of the firm they have been employed by, along with all the rules and regulations of the company. Any assistance if required at the airport is facilitated by our helpful staff. 


Our mark of perfection entails a check with the client for his experience with the labour provided. All comments and responses are welcomed with the view to improving our system on a regular basis.